Tasmanian Finest Cherries.

The philosophy of natural growing.

Why Birchs Bay Cherries?

Tasmania is the gateway to the Antarctic, an island located in Australia, which is famous for producing the world’s top-notch cherries and South Tasmania is also an internationally recognised pest-free area of fruit flies with no need of fumigation process for export. We are very proud to introduce that here is where Birchs Bay Cherries orchards and packaging factories are located.

We have always firmly believed that cherries are a delicate gift from nature, one that needs superior care and protection. Although we only have 8000 cherry trees, in the past 96 years, we proudly carry on our philosophy of natural growing tradition without any ripener and preservative application, and that’s why we could always produce Tasmanian finest cherries.

The Unique Pest-free Location

As we are in pest-free area, we don’t need to apply any chemical fumigation process. More southerly location latitude also makes our cherries ripen late but taste amazing.

The Superior-qualified Cherries

Longer growing cycle enables us always produce sweet and firm Tasmanian finest cherries from size of 26mm to 34mm with the favourite varieties including Lapin, Simone, Sweet Georgia, Sweetheart and Van.

The Most Advanced System

The state-of-the-art cherry grader sorting machine is put into use. This intelligent packing system can always ensure fruits with best quality for domestic and export markets.

The Strict Fruits Test

We never apply ripener or preservative. Multiple fruits safety tests are conducted by professional auditors annually to ensure our cherries always premium and healthy.

The Cold-chain Transportation

All cherries off trees are immediately treated with cooling water, and stored and transported under constant temperature by the leading cold-chain technology.

"The philosophy of natural growing is the secret of Birchs Bay Cherries to produce Tasmanian finest cherry."

—— Rick, Grower of Birchs Bay Cherries

  • Excellant Soil Nutrition

    Our soil nutrition highly exceeds the average standard, particularly Iron and Zinc, which benefits the growth of cherries.

  • Non-toxic Safety Protection

    Certified non-toxic nettings are covered at every block to prevent cherries from small animals and birds.

  • Honey Bees Pollination

    We introduce costly Honey Bees for natural pollination during whole blossom season.

  • Manual Pruning

    We do customised pruning for every cherry tree by hands to its best status instead of cutting them into same shape by machine.

  • Natural Pests Control

    We apply a natural pheromone lure for pests control instead of chemical killer.

  • No Ripener or preservative

    Ripener or preservative are strictly prohibited to ensure all cherries are natural and healthy.


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"Love Cherries, Love Birchs Bay!"

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