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100% Tasmanian grown.

All Began From 1926 in Tasmania

Tasmania Birchs Bay Cherries is a family-owned cherry orchard all began from year 1926. Southerly perfect location makes our cherries longer growth cycle with better taste. In the past of 96 years, we have been always adhering to the philosophy of natural growing. Chemical ripener and preservative are prohibited to ensure all fruits are natural and healthy.

We are also the only orchard with fantastic sea view in Greater Hobart Region with 40mins drive from Hobart CBD where we organise a wide variety of agri-tourism experiential events with Tasmanian features every year.

Premium Tasmanian Cherries

Discover the 96-year growing story of Birchs Bay Cherries and explore the secrets of our superior-qualified cherries.

Fantastic Experiential Events

A wide variety of events including Cherry Blossom Festival, Cherry Tree Adoption, Furry Pet Party, Free Picking Charity Events and so on.

FAQs of Our Produce

The most frequented questions regarding our premium produce you may be interested in.

Explore Our Harvest Season

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"Love Cherries, Love Birchs Bay!"

"Birchs Bay Cherries", "甜心湾", "甜心灣" have been registered as protected trademark.

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